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Newbold Orchestra

Newbold Orchestra Online

Our JQOP online music enrichment is designed to provide distance learning enrichment including music literacy worksheets, music apps to improve home practice sessions, and inspiring videos of professional musicians and ensembles.

Home Practice Apps Starter Set

These two free mobile apps are all you need to support your home practice sessions

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Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.25.20

Download and print Music Literacy Packet and create a free Zoom account

Music Literacy Packet
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Newbold Worksheet Folder

Virtual Learning Set-Up

Week of March 23rd

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can play solid transitions between the arco and knocks in Catto’s courage, using the rest beats.

  2. I can demonstrate my Brandenburg 8th note runs with the metronome at 69BPM with no hesitations.

  3. I can identify all intervals between a unison and an octave easily.

Week of March 30th

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can play the Chorale all the way through with the metronome at 76BPM, with dynamics and character changes. 

  2. I can demonstrate the first 8 bars of the Brandenburg 2ND MOVEMENT with confidence.

  3. I can identify if a chord is a I, IV or V in a given key signature. 

Week of April 6th

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can play Catto’s courage entirely at full tempo (goal metronome 100BPM) with no snags at any rests, so I can show my solid rhythm and counting skills.

  2. I can demonstrate all my Brandenburg 1st movement 8th note runs at metronome 80BPM, using finger pop/drop clarity so that it sparkles!

  3. I can identify the order of scales in both sharp and flat orders in the Circle of Fifths.

Week of April 13th

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can play Brandenburg 2nd movement to Bar 30, with solid non-rushing rhythm and ease when shifting notes.

  2. I can demonstrate smooth, even (beginner) vibrato in the Chorale to help add serenity to the piece character. 

  3. I can identify the difference between the three types of minor scales.

Week of April 27th

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can transition comfortably between first, second, and third positions on my instruments for those scales.

  2. I can play on demand scales of ANY key signature.

  3. I can write the notes to ANY major or minor scale asked of me.

Week of May 5th

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can perfectly sightread-clap the rhythm of syncopated 8th-note patterns.

  2. I can identify the key signature of any piece shown to me. 

  3. I can comfortably explain the Circle of 5ths and the relationship two random keys have with each other. 

Week of May 11th

Learning Objectives:

  1. I can read and transpose music on a simple level. 

  2. I can read and understand a Full Staff.

  3. I can read harmonic chord progressions and understand how to read any key signature, scale and clef.

Double Your Impact Before April 30th

All donations made before April 30th will be matched up to $19K by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Tuning your Instrument

Tuning the pegs on all string instruments

Violin Tuning

Cello Tuning

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Proud supporters of JQOP

Viola Tuning

Bass Tuning

How to Rosin a Bow

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Proud supporters of JQOP

Tuners can be used to help ‘tune’ an instrument and produces a sustained sound to use as a tool for playing better ‘in tune’ during home practice.

Metronome Apps

Metronomes can be used to keep a steady beat while you practice. Here are a few low-cost apps for your mobile device.

Pulse - Free

Drum Loops & Metronome - Free drum loops

Music Apps

Below is a list of fun music apps to keep your home practice fun and entertaining while you play your instrument.

Scales and Sight Reading Apps

Scales are the basic language of music and it's important to practice daily. But you can also make it fun!

Serious Music to Watch

Listening to great music is just as important as playing it. Enjoy these iconic string pieces played by the world's top performers!

Play the most important part in our orchestra community!

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