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About JQOP 

Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program (JQOP) is a creative youth development program that uses an intensive and unique ensemble-based music curriculum to help Boston Public School children develop musical skills, executive functioning and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed at school and in life. Read more.

Daily Musician Arrival Times

Middle School/Vivaldi Musician's Arrive at 7:15 AM
Rehearsal begins at 7:30 AM


Elementary School Musician's Arrival at 7:45 AM 

Rehearsals begin at 8:05 AM

Program Highlights

  • Multiple performances in school and in the Boston community.

  • Opportunity to perform in 7 levels of orchestra.

  • Overall program costs are subsidized by 55% through grants, corporate sponsors and individual donations.

  • Program aligns with BPS Calendar, providing 37 weeks of music instruction.

  • Cost of the program is $40 per week, per child. $40 registration fee, per child.

  • Cost includes a string instrument rental for the school year. Summer instrument rentals are available at an additional fee.

  • Financial assistance is available. The application can be made available upon request.

Joining JQOP 

For new parents who wish to enroll their child in our morning orchestra program, we ask that you complete our online registration (see yellow button below). Once you complete your registration, you will be added to our waiting list for our upcoming season. In May, you will receive notification of your child's enrollment status for the upcoming year.


Current parents, you can access your portal (red button) any time to review billing statements, print payment summaries for your personal accounting, and make tuition payments.







中學/Vivaldi 學生抵達學校時間 7:15 AM

排練開始時間 7:30 AM

小學生抵達學校時間 7:45 AM

排練開始時間 8:05 AM


  • 在學校和波士頓社區的多個表演。

  • 有機會在七個不同級別的弦樂隊中演出。

  • 通過贈款,企業贊助商和個人捐款,計劃總體成本已獲得55%的補貼。

  • 計畫與波士頓公立學校日曆保持一致,提供37個星期的音樂訓練。

  • 計劃的費用為每為孩子每週40美元,及每位孩子40美元的註冊費。

  • 費用包括一個學年弦樂器的租賃。我們也會提供額外收費的夏季樂器租賃服務。

  • 我們提供經濟援助。 該申請可根據要求提供。



對於有興趣讓孩子參加我們早上的弦樂隊的新父母,我們要求您完成我們的在線註冊(請參閱上面的黃色按鈕)。 完成註冊後,您將被添加到我們新學期的等候名單中。 在5月,您將收到有關您孩子下一年入學狀態的通知。




ProCare Parent Portal

Once parents create their ProCare account, they can easily track payment history and print any necessary billing statements for your personal records and accounting. If you already have an account, you can visit to access your portal.


Billing Questions

If you have questions regarding payment, please contact our billing team. (


Monthly Newsletter

Along with regular email updates from our Ensemble Directors, we send out a monthly newsletter with JQOP news and updates. 

January 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

If you are not receiving either, please check your spam, and then reach out to Mr. Schroeder ( to update your contact info.


Map of JQOP Entrance and Available Metered Parking


當我們開始展望明年時,我們會要求所有家庭為您和您孩子的信息創建一個ProCare家長帳戶。我們將使用此網站進行所有JQOP註冊和支付處理。創建帳戶後,您可以輕鬆跟踪付款歷史記錄,並為您的個人記錄打印任何必要的帳單。如果您已有帳戶,可以瀏覽 查訊您的帳戶。



如有關於學費的問題,請聯繫我們的結算團隊。 (





2019 一月月度通訊

2019 二月月度通訊

如果您還沒有收到,請檢查您的垃圾郵件,然後聯繫 Mr. Schroeder ( 以更新您的聯繫信息。

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