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BMP Staff Spotlight | Amanda Hill: Grant Writer, Visual Artist, Muralist

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Massachusetts native Amanda Hill wears many hats; she works with the Boston Music Project on grant writing and donor relations, and is also a professional visual artist!

Hill works with many different mediums, and has created artwork, art installations, and murals for local communities such as Boston, Chelsea, Somerville, and Everett. She regularly designs, consults, and coordinates mural and public

art projects. Growing up, Amanda took private music lessons and attended group art classes in public school and around her hometown, Sharon.

Amanda talks about how she got into her field, and what inspires her to do important community work.

“Making artwork has and continues to be one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I have ever done. I believe this is why I am so drawn to the process. Wrangling a painting or piece of work, the highs and lows are captivating. For me the process is also meditative—I lose time and awareness of my surroundings and myself.”

Above: Amanda Hill's mural at the bar Tavern of Tales (Boston, MA)

She goes on:

“I have been around/practicing public art since a sophomore in high school. I have continued with it as a practice because of its accessibility and its ability to bring communities together. Public or community oriented art is unique because it can produce a shared identity while also creating opportunities for expression, dialogue, and self-efficacy. I am further interested in this type of work because it acts as an invitation to see the space in a new way and engage not only with the space and the art but with other viewers as well.”

Hill describes her personal style as “rooted in the deep exploration of objects.” She elevates the status of her subject matter, heightening what many consider to be commonplace. Her paintings can best be described as demonstrating an interest in color theory, color relationships, and structural tension.

Pictured below is the mural "Care to the People", designed and installed by Amanda in July 2020 in Somerville. These images show not only the finished product, but also Amanda's artistic process.

To learn more about Amanda's incredible work, please visit her website,

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