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BMP Staff Spotlight | Gabrielle D'Ostilio

In November, Boston Music Project welcomed Gabrielle D'Ostilio as our newest Arts Administration Intern. Gabby discusses what led her to BMP, what she has gotten out of her experience, and what she plans to do next in her career.

Why did you apply to BMP for the Collegiate Internship program?

"As I moved into my Sophomore year at Emerson College and began to narrow my career interests, I became very interested in arts administration, particularly the areas of development, programming, and marketing. The BMP Collegiate Arts Administration Internship offers students an opportunity to explore and learn about all aspects of arts administration, including not only my specific areas of interest, but also many more like impact data collection and website design. I knew that working for BMP within this internship program would equip me with the skills I need to be a successful future arts administrator."

What have you enjoyed most about your work with the BMP team?

"My time with BMP has taught me so much about the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes of an arts non-profit. What I've enjoyed the most is getting to witness firsthand the positive impact that BMP has on the students and families that it serves. During my internship, I got to collect impact data by conducting interviews with BMP families, and hearing what kids and parents had to say about their time participating in the program helped me realize just how important the work of an arts administrator is. It's something I won't forget as I move through the rest of my collegiate career and beyond."

Can you share more about the degree you are pursuing at Emerson College?

"I'm currently pursuing a BA in Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) Major at Emerson College. One of the few programs of its kind in the country, I like to say it's perfect for me as someone with a mind for business and a passion for the arts. Within this program, I've been able to gain the fundamental knowledge that comes with a business degree through the lens of the creative industry by taking classes like Arts Management and Intro to Producing. One of the coolest things about my time at BMP was getting a sneak peek at the BCE Senior Residency, a Capstone Program that BCE students take in their final year at Emerson. Within this program, students spend a semester analyzing various businesses in the creative industry, and BMP happened to be one. I got to work alongside our Executive Director, Chris Schroeder, and meet with the BCE cohort that was analyzing BMP in order to help them shape their own annual report for the Boston Music Project."

4) What are your aspirations after college?

"While I have interests in many areas of the creative industry, my true love is theater. I've been involved in theater my entire life, whether as a performer, crew member, or producer, and would love to pursue a career in Theater Management, specifically with a focus on the importance of accessibility. As is the case with many theater-makers, my dream would be to work on Broadway, constantly exploring the ways to make theater more accessible and equitable not just for audience members, but also for dedicated actors and theater-makers."

Is there a Broadway performance that inspired you to want to pursue a career in arts administration for theater?

"It's funny, because the theater performances that really inspired me to pursue a career in arts administration were the ones put on by my local high school and community theater. One of the first shows that really affected me was a high school production of Hairspray that I saw as an elementary schooler. Seeing young people up onstage, full of joy, and performing with everything Gabby, middle, performing in Godspell

they had made me think to myself,

'This is something I need to do,' and then I did, and I haven't stopped since. That being said, seeing inspiring Broadway shows like The Color Purple and Come From Away only further affirmed my potential career choice, and I'll be the first in line to see any show once Broadway has opened back up again."

To learn more about Gabby, we invite you to read her full biography on our Teaching Artists page.

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