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BMP Welcomes 2 New Board Members!

At Boston Music Project, we are proud to have a board that reflects the students and communities we serve, with a shared commitment of bringing transformative music education to Boston youth. Today, we spotlight Amy Deveau and Tytana Yap, who share their favorite aspects of BMP!

Amy Deveau is new to the Boston Music Project Board, getting her feet wet by volunteering on the 10th Anniversary Gala Committee in 2022. In addition to her work on the gala committee, Ms. Deveau brings a breadth of experience and expertise in event planning. Her daughter Millie is in K2 at JQES, playing the violin in the Rimsky Orchestra. Music education was a large part of Amy's life growing up, taking lessons at The Longy School of Music in Cambridge, playing in the Cambridge All-City Orchestra and attending the Days in the Arts camp at Tanglewood. She currently works as an Executive Assistant at a Boston-based investment firm and lives in the South End with her husband Michael and two daughters Millie (5) and Sadie (almost 2).

"I would be remiss if I didn't say that [BMP's] before school program was a factor in us originally signing up! But it was overwhelmingly surpassed by just the joy it brought Millie. I love seeing her pay attention (she doesn't always do that for us!), interact on stage with friends and learn more about music and develop a deeper appreciation for it. It's such a special program! Millie absolutely loves BMP and I have seen such an improvement in her listening skills, confidence and musical knowledge - I am so impressed, [and] I want to help ensure BMPs future and improving musical education access [for all students] throughout Boston."

"So far, I've seen [BMP's impact] in action at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School. I know that it has a much farther reach, and I am excited to see all that BMP has to offer throughout the city!" -BMP Board Member, Amy Deveau

Tytana Yap joins BMP's Board this year, bringing over 10 years experience in Growth Marketing. Her experience encompasses work for several tech companies, including DraftKings, Tripadvisor, and Vistaprint, in Sydney, Australia and in Boston. She is also taking private voice lessons through BMP's Private Lessons program! Ms. Yap's son currently plays the cello in the K2 orchestra in JQES, beginning September 2022.

"I am impressed with the fast growth of BMP, the great programming, and the operational excellence. It is a well-run nonprofit org and I want to learn from the current team running it. I love the overall approach [of BMP's programs]. Being in an orchestra, the students are learning not just musical excellence but how to work together. I also love that the students get to watch other artists. I think it’s an opportunity for them to see how they can grow as artists and it inspires them to keep learning. Before BMP, my son had no interest in music. He now loves music, both playing his instrument and as an audience. He is excited about every new song they are learning and loves practicing at home. His favorite subject in school is orchestra. At K2, my son is learning a valuable life lesson – how to give feedback to one another to bring out the best in other people."

"I believe that BMP has a positive impact in student engagement in the BPS community. I see the great energy of the students as they come to school to start their day with orchestra classes and even more when they have a performance." -BMP Board Member, Tytana Yap

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