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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

In the fall of 2018, musicians in our Vivaldi Chamber Ensemble took part in a collaborative arts project along with over 130 youth from Greater Boston. The project, organized by the Jewish Arts Collaborative, was entitled “Brighter Together.” “Our world is a brighter place when everyone’s light comes together,” artist Tova Speter says. In the center of the room, the eight suspended columns (plus one in the center) represent the eight branches of the Menorah or Hanukkiah, a candelabra lit during the holiday. The center column represents the ninth branch of the menorah, called the Shamash (“helper”), which is the candle used to light all the others. Enhance the light of the Shamash by attaching beads collected from the scavenger hunt; and add your images and words to embrace the idea that we are ‘Brighter Together.’

The suspended artwork was created by over 130 middle school students from diverse backgrounds; and each streamer was tied on by a participating student artist. Their work includes unique doodles, patterns, and drawings representing how they “add light” in their home and school environments. Look closely at the black and white chains for an invisible ink surprise from the students sharing examples for bringing out the hidden light in others.

The art was displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s 5th annual Honukkiah celebration. As part of the evenings activities, our BMP Vivaldi Ensemble performed selections from Vivaldi’s “Four Season” and provided an instrument petting zoo to audience members of event guests after the performance.

About the Artists

This project was facilitated by lead artist Tova Speter. Tova is an artist, art therapist, and community muralist based at Gorse Mill Studios in Needham, MA. Tova works with people of all ages and abilities and has led collaborative art experiences with over 50 communities in the Greater Boston area as well as internationally in Argentina, China, Panama, and Israel.

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Over 130 middle school student artists from eight groups partnered with Tova on this project. Student artists are identified by glowing beaded bracelets, say hello to an artist if you see one!

Many thanks to all the student artists from:

Browne Middle School in Chelsea

Divas mentoring divas in Dorchester

The Jewish Community Day School in Watertown

Boston Music Project Vivaldi Orchestra in Boston

Maimonides School in Brookline

The Rashi School in Dedham

Solomon Schechter Day School in Newton

Timilty Middle School in Roxbury

Thanks to Emily Bhargava, Ashley Buckholtz, Anyahlee Suderman, and Marriah Vengroff for their installation support.

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