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Newbold Orchestra performs Danza Española

This week, we are excited to feature our 4th and 5th grade students in the Newbold Orchestra performing "Danza Española" by Bob Phillips.

Over the last two months, students of the Newbold Orchestra have explored the unique sounds of Spanish and South American music, and the various dance styles within it. To better prepare for the complex syncopated rhythms heard in Danza Española, students focused their attention on learning about traditional Spanish percussion instruments, and even made replicas of some of those instruments in order to play it themselves while at home.

For our upcoming June 16th concert, the Newbold musicians have begun working on their final virtual performance, which is inspired by Beethoven’s most famous 5th Symphony. This is an incredibly fun piece that you will surely not want to miss!

Bonus feature! Sound Waves

BMP's Newbold Orchestra recently released a digital music album entitled "Sound Waves" in collaboration with violist, teaching artist, and music producer Josh Wareham. Each student composed their own track, as well as a collective group track. Click below to learn more about this project and listen to the complete album, now on SoundCloud!

The Sound Waves project was supported in part by a grant from the Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture Boston.

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