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Our Programs

Boston Music Project is a creative youth development program committed to ensuring the long-term social and musical success of our students. In BMP music classes, students unleash their musical creativity, while developing their instrumental skills, and gaining new skills in music composition, improvisation, and active listening. Our unique curriculum fosters the development of social-emotional skills empowering students to find success in music, school, and life. 

Financial assistance is available to families who qualify. Email us for more details on the financial aid application process.

COVID-19 Update: 

The health and well-being of our entire music community has continued to remain top of mind as we continue in to the fall. Our COVID Safety Policies can be reviewed here. Additionally, we will be following the latest news and recommendations from the CDC and city of Boston.

“[The Boston Music Project] brought my daughter better energy for academic learning and a positive life attitude. Her singing lightened the energy of our whole family.”
- BPS Parent

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2022-2023 Programs 

Parent Testimonials

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"I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this is, to see her engaged with all of you. THANK YOU! Anything we can do to give these kiddos a semblance of normalcy is so healthy for all of us."  - BPS parent of two

"The 8:30-9:30 orchestra lesson is the highlight of our day. My wife and I are so relaxed doing work, while we listen to music coming from our child's computer. It gets our day started on the right foot." - 1st-grade parent

"The morning music classes have made the morning routine more organized and enjoyable for everyone! It gives us parents a chance to organize our day without the challenge of children on top of us, and for that, I am truly grateful." - BPS family of four

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