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In Kind Donations

Thank you for your interest in making

an in-kind donation to BMP!

Instrument Donations

BMP is currently accepting the following new or gently used instrument donations:

  • String instruments

  • Digital Keyboards/Keyboard Stands

  • Percussion instruments

  • Brass instruments

  • Ukuleles

  • Guitars

  • Woodwinds

Important Notes for any In-Kind Donation

  1. BMP is not responsible for donation transportation or support.

  2. We are unable to accept instruments that need significant repair.

  3. Instrument donations are 100% tax deductible at the value estimated. Under IRS regulations, it is up to the donor to attest to the value of the donated item.

  4. If you would like to receive a tax receipt, then please follow the below instructions based on the estimated value:

  5. For all in-kind donation over $5000 in estimated value:

    1. Provide an appraisal for the donation to BMP by a qualified appraiser, arranged and paid for by the donor, and signed and dated no earlier than 60 days before you contribute the property. You must receive the appraisal before the due date of the return on which you claim it.

    2. File IRS form 8283 (It generally takes minimal time to complete!)

  6. If the value of your donation is less than $5,000 or you do not need a tax receipt for your donation, then you can contact BMP Development Manager Chris Chirco at in order to arrange a time to drop off your instrument.

Other Goods and Services

BMP may accept in-kind donations of other goods or services on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please fill out the form and we will respond to your inquiry.

Please reach out to our Development Manager Chris Chirco at with any questions.

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