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BMP Teaching Artist Spotlight | Martin Dalmasi

At the Boston Music Project, we are proud to have an exceptional team with a diverse background of teaching and performance experiences. When our Teaching Artists are not teaching music lessons, they are pursuing their own professional careers as active performers, composers, music producers, dancers, and more!

This year we are excited to welcome Martin Dalmasi to the BMP Team as our Woodwinds Teaching Artist!

Martin Dalmasi is a graduate of the New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1997, he was hired as a teacher at that same university and, at the same time, played and traveled with various orchestras in and around New England. While studying jazz, he was particularly influenced by masters such as Charlie Parker, Lee Morgan, and Sonny Stitt. It is worth mentioning that he is also a great admirer of Stan Getz. Martin is a progressive musician, but at the same time, is very traditional and considers the base of good jazz lies in the knowledge of the musical history of the genre, as in merengue or folklore. Through the flute, saxophone, and piano, Martin communicates the sentiments and ideas of a dedicated Dominican musician who is making a contribution to this music.

We asked Martin to share a bit more about his musical background and his life in and around music.

Who were some of your musical inspirations growing up?

"Artists in my country who played both Merengue and Jazz. These were skills I wanted to pursue myself as a young music student."

What excites you most as a teacher and as a performer?

"What excites me as a performer and teacher is when I know that I have reached the audience or the student in a positive and emotional way."

Can you talk about some of the work that you do with the woodwind students?

"I am helping these students discover that talent can be there and when you practice and study, it will blossom."

Can you share a favorite moment/memory from your time as a teaching artist at BMP?

"When Lauriah, [a student] from the Oliver Hazard Perry School, showed me what a great singer she is besides a digital music student."

Outside of music, what are some things you do that bring you joy?

"Family, trips to Maine & New Hampshire, baseball games, [and] playing in my Church."


To learn more about Martin, we invite you to check out his website.

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