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Join our Board of Directors

Boston Music Project Board of Directors help guide the organization's strategy, provide governance oversight, and support our growth by participating in monthly board meetings during the school calendar year, serving on at least one board committee, attending select fundraising events and performances, and helping to grow our community of supporters and partners. Scroll down to learn more about BMP's mission and vision for a brighter musical future for Boston youth.

It is the policy of Boston Music Project to provide all persons with equal advisory opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, country of origin, disability, or age.

Our Mission

The Boston Music Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
committed to ensuring the long-term social-emotional and
musical success of Boston youth.

Our Mission

Our Vision

BMP’s vision is to give every child an engaging and fun musical experience, performance opportunities to develop confidence and self-efficacy, high levels of musical proficiency, and a passion for learning that transcends all subjects. We serve youth of all ages to ensure that the following long-term impact goals can become a reality for all students.

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Musical Excellence
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Civic Engagement


Creative Self-Expression

Join our Board of Directors

Our Board Members serve as
ambassadors of the organization by engaging their networks and supporting our work with their diverse leadership talents.

Join us in making the world a better, more musical place!
We are looking for one or
more Board Directors who can
contribute positively to our

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Board of Directors

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