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A Cinematic Music Pick from Jennifer Wang | Joe Hisaishi's "Departures"

"This video of Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi conducting his own music from the film 'Departures' always wins every second of my attention. The music was written for a film about Daigo, a former cellist, whose new job is to prepare the dead for funerals. Due to the social taboos against people who deal with the dead, he is rejected, even by his own wife. Yet, these relationships are eventually repaired through the beauty and dignity of his work.

I watched the movie at the age of 15, and I started to think about the deeper meaning of life, other than the materialistic. The music, of course, is connected to the emotions I got while watching the movie - it is comforting and hopeful. I am also mesmerized by how sincere Maestro Hisaishi treats every note he plays or conducts."

Joe Hisaishi conducts the beautiful soundtrack he wrote for the film Departures (2008)

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