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BMP Staff Spotlight | Zoe Murphy

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

At the Boston Music Project, we are proud to have an exceptional team with a diverse background of experiences. When our staff are not working to keep BMP running behind the scenes, they are pursuing their own professional careers as active performers, composers, music producers, dancers, and more!

This year we are excited to welcome Zoe Murphy to the BMP Team as our Site Coordinator for our morning program at JQES!

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Zoe Murphy is a trumpet player, composer, and educator. Zoe is dedicated to perfecting her craft and positively impacting her audiences, students, and colleagues through music.

Zoe is a freelancing educator that teaches brass pedagogy, music theory, improvisation, and general music. She is versatile within the jazz/improvisation, R&B, soul, pop, reggae, avant-garde, and classical realms, with experience of leading her own ensembles. As a composer, her original compositions reflect this flexibility, by focusing on making music that incorporates a fresh take on modern jazz and instrumental music.

We asked Zoe to share a bit more about her musical background and her life in and around music.

Who were some of your musical inspirations growing up?

"Growing up, some of my biggest inspirations were Roy Hargrove and Clifford Brown."

What energizes you most as a teacher and as a performer?

"As a teacher and also performer, I am energized by the idea of giving back to my community through my own art and through inspiring future musicians and music appreciators."

What has it been like working with BMP as the Site Coordinator? Can you talk about some of the work that you do?

"Working as the site coordinator for the Boston Music Project has been great! I love coming every morning and helping the students and teachers directly. For the most part, my main responsibilities include instrument inventory, where I am in charge of making sure all the students have the instruments they need. I also am around to give assistance to any of the teachers, and communicate information to parents."

Any current or future plans for musical projects you want to begin working on?

"Currently, I am working on producing an album that addresses the experience of a bi-racial person living in America."

Outside of music, what are some things you do that bring you joy?

"I like hanging out with my dogs, hiking, and watching Netflix."


To learn more about Zoe, we invite you to read her full biography.

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