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Watch our December 16th Virtual Showcase!

On December 16th, 2020 Boston Music Project celebrated the power of music education with over 700 of our closest friends on YouTube! The event featured 10 virtual orchestra, chamber and solo performances, and a premiere of our Hub Lab musical stories by our elementary and middle school students and Hub New Music.

We invite you to enjoy our full 90-minute program here!

Support the Power of Music

We invite you to consider making a donation to support out BMP Student Scholarship fund.

Our "Season of Giving" goal is to raise $25,000 from individuals like you to help ensure cost never impedes a child from learning to express and create music deeply, receive its many social and cognitive benefits, and make positive life choices as a result of this learning. Together, we can have an impact on a whole community through music! Join the movement!

About Boston Music Project

Boston Music Project is committed to ensuring the long-term social-emotional and musical success of children and youth by nurturing creativity, celebrating cultures, and developing civic engagement through quality music education and performance.

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