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New Album Release | "Royal Trio"

At Boston Music Project, not only are we working to provide equitable opportunities for historically marginalized communities and schools to unleash their creative potential, we are helping them to tell their stories through music.

Stream the latest album "Royal Trio" from BPS student artists Ray Rizzo, Kevin "Prince" Works, and Elijah Williams from the Melvin H. King South End Academy (formerly the McKinley Schools) and local emcee and educator Paul Willis!

About the Album:

For the album art, the students chose crowns and royalty as representing the excellence they strive towards in their music. The title “Royal Trio” is in reference to the three students (Ray, Elijah, & Kevin) showcasing their combined talents, vision, and collaboration on the album. This in-school partnership began virtually during the pandemic. Over the past three years, these students went from using premade loops in Soundtrap over Zoom to self-producing and composing in professional DAWs (Digital Audio Workspaces) to make this album, as well as recording in pro studios with established artists including Paul Willis and Josh Wareham.


Video recorded, edited, and produced by Josh Wareham


BMP's programming at the Melvin H. King South End Academy was supported in part by EdVestors and BPS Arts Expansion.

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