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Playing with Purpose

As BMP youth musicians progress through our programs, they begin to recognize how they can have a positive impact on their communities through music. Learning an instrument is just the start. By emphasizing community engagement, students foster a sense of purpose and develop the skills needed to collaborate with others, inspire change, and contribute

to the betterment of their communities through their musical abilities.

We asked a few of our students to share their answer to the question "how do you play with purpose?", and their answers are a testament to the power of music to transform lives.

Addis M.

Josiah Quincy Upper School
6th Grade, Violin

"My purpose is to inspire other kids! For example, my leadership program helps me to inspire the other younger students in the program. I get to help them learn how to be great and play their instruments. I really like how they can be as good of a player as I am, and they are having fun!"

Emile R.

Winship Elementary School
4th Grade, Cello

"I love to play my cello because it has a deep and beautiful sound. It also has given me the opportunity to play in my community and at amazing places like Fenway Park."

Corinne R.

Oliver Hazard Perry School
4th Grade, Trumpet

"Boston Music Project has allowed me to contribute to my family by teaching me the trumpet. My favorite part about playing the trumpet is making cool noises."

Kevin "Prince" W.

Melvin H. King School
Digital Music Composition

"BMP teaches you how to

be creative with your own knowledge. Music is important to me because its gotten me through a lot of stuff, a lot of problems & situations that I've had outside of school. It's how

I cope through difficult times."

"Music speaks for you... it takes you to your own world... having this at school is definitely something I feel is really good.

"This is definitely something that is nice to have at the end of the just wanna make some music and not be told how to do it — for me being taught something and have them ask "how do you wanna do it?" is better for me. You learn more things and you become better at how you do things. It works wonders."


Help us reach our $70,000 fundraising goal by June 30th and support students like Addis, Emile, Corinne, and Kevin! Join our efforts, and help ensure cost never impedes a child from learning to express and create music deeply, receive its many social and cognitive benefits, and make positive life choices as a result of this learning.

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