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Instrument Care & Tuning

Home Practice Apps Starter Set

These free mobile apps are all you need to support your home practice sessions

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Instrument Care Tips

5 String Instrument Care Tips

String Instrument Sizing

Pegs, Fine Tuners, & Rosin

Tuning your instrument on your own takes some practice. But, with the help from our tuning tutorials, free tuning apps, and tips for using pegs and fine tuners, you'll be able to tune your string instrument with confidence!

Pegs and Fine Tuners

How to Rosin a Bow

Tuning Tutorials 

Tuning Upper Strings (English)


Cómo afinar su instrumento (español)

Ki jan yo Kapte Melanje Enstriman ou an (kreyòl)

How to Tune your Cello (Pegs & Fine Tuners)

如何調大提琴 (Mandarin)

YouTube Tuners

Violin Tuning

Viola Tuning

Cello Tuning

Bass Tuning

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