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Mozart Orchestra

Mozart Orchestra Online

Our JQOP online music enrichment is designed to provide distance learning enrichment including music literacy worksheets, music apps to improve home practice sessions, and inspiring videos of professional musicians and ensembles.

Home Practice Apps Starter Set

These two free mobile apps are all you need to support your home practice sessions

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.26.22
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.25.20

Virtual Learning Set-Up

Download and print Music Literacy Packet and create a free Zoom account

Literacy Packet
Literacy Packet
Literacy Packet
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Mozart Google Folder

Weekly Learning Objectives

Week of March 23rd

  1. I can play my open strings with pizzicato and bow. 

  2. I can demonstrate playing with the bow with different rhythm combinations (quarter notes, quarter note rest and eight notes)

  3. I can identify quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes. 

Week of March 30th

  1. I can play A B C# D on the 'A' string.

  2. I can demonstrate playing 4 eight notes, 2 quarter notes and 2 quarter rests with different sounds.

  3. I can identify:

    • my left-hand finger shapes on the fingerboard.

    • the sounds and shapes of different rhythm combinations

Week of April 6th

  1. I can play “I’m a Little Panda”

  2. I can demonstrate playing A B C# D - D C# B A on the 'A' string

  3. I can identify eighth notes, quarter note, and quarter rests


Week of April 13th

  1. I can play D E F# G on the 'D' string.

  2. I can demonstrate playing different rhythms with the bow on the 'D' string.

  3. I can identify the correct finger position for D E F# G on the fingerboard.

Double Your Impact Before April 30th

All donations made before April 30th will be matched up to $19K by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Tuning your Instrument

Tuning the pegs on all string instruments

Violin Tuning

Cello Tuning

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Proud supporters of JQOP

Viola Tuning

Bass Tuning

How to Rosin a Bow

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Proud supporters of JQOP

Tuners can be used to help ‘tune’ an instrument and produces a sustained sound to use as a tool for playing better ‘in tune’ during home practice.

Metronome Apps

Metronomes can be used to keep a steady beat while you practice. Here are a few low-cost apps for your mobile device.

Pulse - Free

Drum Loops & Metronome - Free drum loops

Music Apps

Below is a list of fun music apps to keep your home practice fun and entertaining while you play your instrument.

Scales and Sight Reading Apps

Scales are the basic language of music and it's important to practice daily. But you can also make it fun!

Serious Music to Watch

Listening to great music is just as important as playing it. Enjoy these iconic string pieces played by the world's top performers!

Play the most important part in our orchestra community!

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