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BMP Student Reflections | Why is Music Important to You?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

At Boston Music Project, we aim to bring together the community through music education and innovative ways to explore the art of music, even under unique circumstances. Despite the uncertainties we’ve faced over the course of this year, we’ve been able to celebrate the return to in-person programming and 10 years of transformative music-making and social-emotional learning for Boston youth.

As we reflect on the year’s challenges and opportunities, we asked BMP students to share how music and BMP’s music education programming has impacted them. Check out what they have to say about their music programs!

Why is music important to you?

Bo-Kemze practicing at home.

“Music is important to me because it makes me feel calm and happy. It brings my family together to dance.”

- Bo-Kemze, 1st Grade, Violinist

“I just hear it and I want to play it. I like the sound of it and the feelings it gives me.”

- Brooklyn, 2nd Grade, Cellist

“Music is important to me because it keeps me calm. Usually, I am very active and my brain is racing but music calms me down. Another reason I like music is that it is a time to socially interact with people and music makes me happy. If music wasn’t offered as an activity through the school especially during the remote learning period of the pandemic, there is a good chance I would be on the couch playing video games instead.”

- Jay, 3rd Grade, Cellist

What is your favorite part of the BMP program?

Brooklyn helping out Mozart students during Paper Instrument Week.

“My favorite part of the BMP program is learning how to play songs with an instrument. Note reading is also fun because I get to know and read my notes faster.”

- Bo-Kemze, 1st Grade, Violinist

"I like meeting new friends, playing with new friends and getting to know them.”

-Brooklyn, 2nd Grade Cellist

“My favorite part of BMP is the type of songs we learn, especially in Newbold orchestra. We have learned Yankee Doodle, A Gypsy Tale, Johnny goes marching home, etc. I enjoy taking on the challenge of learning a new piece and playing it with my peers.”

- Jay, 3rd Grade, Cellist

What have you learned so far at BMP, both musically and otherwise?

“I've learned to play the violin, read lots and lots of notes and arpeggio. I've learned how to count in German, and, last but not least, I've learned how to pay attention in class.”

- Bo-Kemze, 1st Grade, Violinist

“I have learned the power of perseverance. Every day in the morning it is tempting to want to watch the game highlights from the night before, sleep more, or play games, but still, every single day, at 7:40 am with my backpack and cello, I get out the door, and go to orchestra. Similarly in the evening and on weekends I have learnt to make time for practicing the songs we learn in an effort to perfect it to the best of my ability. I feel this quality that BMP has helped me build with benefit me irrespective of what I choose to do in the future.”

- Jay, 3rd Grade, Cellist

Check out this performance by Jay of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star at the Thanksgiving Recital for The Carter School!


Boston Music Project is committed to ensuring the long-term social-emotional and musical success of children and youth by nurturing creativity, celebrating cultures, and developing civic engagement through quality music education and performance. Help support the power of music by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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