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Board Members in Action

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Our BMP Board members play an integral role in supporting the vibrant work that takes place day-in and day-out here at BMP. They help to organize our annual events such as our upcoming California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser, chaperone student performances around the city, build papier-mâché instruments with our K1/K2 students, and even bring out a drill and saw to build instrument storage units.

Board Member, Michael Campbell, helps to build instrument storage units

Earlier this month, our board spent time reading and reflecting on the international El Sistema movement that inspired the inception of our very own program. Using the book "Playing for Their Lives," authored by Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth, members of our Board recounted the remarkable stories of this global movement told by Tunstall and Booth and reflected on our current work of BMP. In the coming months, they will continue to meet and work to support a program that truly meets the needs of all the students and staff we serve.

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