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Expressing Lived Experiences Through Music | McKinley Prep Highlight

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

"Music is an inspiration and motivation to both push myself and to do great things in life. It speaks louder than words, and helps people move forward. For me, music is also a lifelong tool for working through challenges both now and in the future" - Kevin W., McKinley Prep Student

At the Boston Music Project, we are committed to using our resources to continually invest in the futures of Boston youth through the power of music, whether that's providing a student's first musical experience to creating a safe environment of creativity and expression to help a student transition into adulthood and their career.

Students at Boston Public Schools' McKinley Prep have been collaborating with BMP Digital Technology Specialist and Teaching Artist Josh Wareham to continue developing their compositional and digital recording and production skills. Throughout the semester, they've continued working on recording and producing their own collaborative and solo tracks, which will eventually culminate in the release of a student-led EP with the focus of exploring each students' musical interests and guiding them to develop their own personal style and voice as an artist.

Josh Wareham speaks about the program and its impact on the students:

"I think the most valuable thing they're gaining from the experience so far is to have the space to be treated like adults/serious musicians, where they're able to push their composition and recording skills to a more professional level. Many of them are already releasing music independently and working to gain traction in that space, so our time together feels almost like a form of Professional Development."

Check out a sneak-peek of two latest tracks from McKinley Prep students, Kevin W. and Elijah A.


Want to hear more?

Check out the Eleventh Moon Project by McKinley students in collaboration with Ensemble Mik Nawooj from the 2020-2021 school year.


This program is sponsored in part by Boston Public Schools and the BPS Arts Expansion from EdVestors.

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