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BMP's Interns Post Graduate Plan

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

This past semester, BMP welcomed our first administrative interns from Berklee College of Music. Emmanuel and Eric supported our administrative team with everything from marketing, communications, program operations, and even spending time surveying our kiddos on the amazing women in their lives for our Mother’s Day video.

Their semester-long internship program concluded this month and we wished them well on their next journey after graduation. As they prepared for graduation, we wanted to share their plans after college and BMP!

Emmanuel Choi - B.M. in Film Scoring/Contemporary Writing & Production

Emmanuel Choi - " I am accepting a job at JoAnn Kane Music Service in LA, where I interned last Summer. JKMS is a company that focuses on music preparation for film and TV recording sessions, with other services including mockup production, transcription, and among others. I am very excited for this opportunity as I will be a part of the process of music making for films and TV and to be surrounded and working with like-minded people. While I continue to pursue my career in the film scoring industry, I have been thinking how I, as an individual will bring an impact to the world. In the current world we are living in, people are fear of differences and that fear causes hate and misunderstanding between us. I don’t know exactly how I am going to do this, but my dream is to bring social change through music, with this universal language where we begin to listen, and to self-inquire so we can have open conversations on the differences."

Eric Chen - B.M. in Music Business/Management

Eric Chen - "BMP was actually my fourth internship during college life. I am planning to go back to Beijing which is my hometown after college here. I would apply for a job in music or media entertainment company in China and may come to America again for the MBA program. Finally, after several years I am planning to start my own business."

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