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Program Spotlight | Oliver Hazard Perry School

This fall, BMP has expanded tuition-free, in-school programming and brought high-quality music education and social emotional learning to students through partnerships with seven new BPS schools and communities. Through these partnerships, BMP aims to promote inclusive musical excellence, improve school attendance, and strengthen overall school culture through in-school celebrations of learning and community performances.

One of these new partnerships is with the Oliver Hazard Perry School, located in South Boston. Parent of a Perry School student and President of Friends of the Perry Michaela Shult shared her experience of working with the Boston Music Project to bring music education programming into the Perry:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Chris [Schroeder] in bringing the Boston Music Project to our school. The BMP teachers are tremendously skilled in reaching all students, regardless of age, ability, or previous music education."

In-school programming at the Perry ranges from grades K1-6 and includes: early childhood, general music, string instrument program and a winds and brass instrumental program where students can unleash their musical creativity, while developing instrumental skills, and gaining new skills in music composition, improvisation, and active listening; digital music composition where students develop their skills in all areas of music production; and special education music that provide youth with unique physical and cognitive learning needs the opportunity to find joy and community through music-making.

Judith Nee, a K1 teacher at the Perry, shared some of the positive impacts that one of BMP’s many wonderful Teaching Artists, Sébastien Ridoré, has had on her students.

“As the K1 teacher at the Perry school for almost 20 yrs now, I have participated in various music programs. I have the great pleasure of reporting that Mr. R has engaged my four and five year old students as if he not only was a trained musician but also a trained educator! He has a natural talent at keeping children this young interested in the content through his rhythmic pacing and imaginative presentation.

Fifty minutes is a very long time for this age group to attend to task yet Mr. R has them singing, dancing, composing, and using their other cognitive skills throughout his entire time with them. He is a natural instructor and clearly loves his craft to be able to be the pied piper to such a large and young group who so look forward to his weekly visits!”

"Our students love their music classes and are genuinely interested in carrying their learning into other parts of their school day and to home.” -Michaela Schult, President of Friends of the Perry

BMP Upper String Teaching Artist Jill Good shared some of her experience working at the Perry School.

“I love the Perry school spirit I see every week! The children and teachers enjoy learning about music and building confidence and community. I've seen our music classes draw out students who may have been challenged or reticent in some way, and it's a joy to observe how they've been blossoming!”

We're excited about this new partnership with the Perry School and can't wait to see how the power of music helps these students continue to grow!


Learn more about all of our in-school partnerships and consider making a donation to support these initiatives and BMP’s vision of creating tuition-free, sequential K-12th grade music programs throughout Boston Public Schools.

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