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Top 10 Places for Summer Youth Programming in Boston

Summer is a great time to explore new hobbies and activities that you might not take part in during the school year. Check out our list of great summer programs that are free or low-cost for you and your kiddos to take part in.

The Boston Children’s Museum has many activities for your kids this summer! Enjoy visiting artists, coloring and crafting activities, dance and movement workshops, and more! There’s play places for your toddlers and your aspiring teens.

Join The Charles River Speedway and Boston Music Project for family-friendly music and movement programming for children and families of all ages! Each week, children will sing songs, dance to music, and enjoy storytime led by trained Boston Music Project teaching artists. Every Saturday starting July 24th through September 18th from 1 pm to 3 pm.


Chock full of exhibits, this Boston’s Museum of Science tailors to the mind of a young scientist who likes to get hands-on. Tune into the daily livestreams and watch sparks fly in the popular electricity spectacle.


Saturdays at Stoneman is a summer-long, interactive music program at the Stoneman Playground on the Charles River Esplanade designed for children and their caregivers. Each week, children will sing songs, dance to music, and enjoy storytime led by Boston Music Project teaching artists.


Kids Studio Art Classes at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts offer both in-person and online classes for 5-11 year olds. The MFA offers the opportunity to experience the teachings of experienced artists and explore creating from finger painting to self-portraits!


Bring your aspiring dancer to Urbanity Dance! Urbanity's summer dance classes for students ages 4 to 17 offer a variety of options and in-person or livestream options are available from mid-June to August.


This summer the YMCA continues it's ever reliable summer programs. From day camps for younger kids to teen programs that offer real-world skill building the Y has offerings for students of all ages and interests!


Enjoy the Boston Symphony Orchestra, all from the safety and comfort of your own home! Listen to full length concerts, check out behind the scenes footage, and meet the musicians, and take a sneak peek in to the process of making music happen.


The ICA has a full calendar of in-person and virtual events to offer that are specially geared towards kids & families. And, admission to the beautiful, waterfront museum is always free for children under 18!

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