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Traveling on a Virtual Field Trip to Brazil

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This winter, our elementary school youth musicians in our Sibelius orchestra have been immersing themselves in the musical culture, rhythms, and sounds of Brazil. Their work will culminate in a virtual orchestra performance featuring a student-composed Bossa Nova with students improvising over this iconic song form. But first, we are going on a virtual trip down to South America thanks to our friends at Teach To Learn (TTL), a global non-profit arts education network that uses music as the educational, creative, and therapeutic foundation for building personal relationships and an online community that empowers people to share what they know and love.

On March 3rd, TTL Faculty Henrique Eisenmann, who originally hails from São Paulo, will work with BMP students to learn about the history of Brazil and its musical traditions, with an emphasis on Samba and Bossa Nova. Students will then have the opportunity to explore concepts of improvisation and rhythm and learn from Eisenmann, an internationally-recognized jazz pianist and jazz piano faculty at the New England Conservatory in Boston.

After a long personal battle against cancer, Eisenmann has dedicated part of his work in using music to help patients undergoing cancer treatment. His latest collaboration with Project: Music Heals Us has been providing live online performances for COVID-19 patients and medical staff in the ICU of NYC hospitals. We are excited to travel on a virtual field trip with him and the TTL team in March!

Teach to Learn is a global arts education and mentorship network, leveraging the power of technology to provide access to human and cultural resources and to nurture a more connected and creative world. Their mission is to build a global community based on the principle that knowledge is a currency which strengthens our common humanity. They seek to enrich our participants' lives through reinforcing concepts such as cultural competency, entrepreneurship, and global citizenship. Teach to Learn has supported over 500 students in over 20 countries, and continues to have transformational impact in communities and classrooms throughout the Greater Boston region and around the world.

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