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Fall Programming Updates and Q&A

Good Morning, BMP Families.

(此郵件末尾的翻譯。) Our team has been working on improving our online learning practices, with an emphasis on exploring new creative practices to keep your children engaged and excited about music-making this fall. We are ready to begin virtual programming this week.

  • BMP students will take part in virtual music hours on September 15, 16, and 17th from 8am to 9am in their respective orchestras. Zoom links will be sent on Monday.

  • Private Lessons will begin the week of September 21.

Make sure to complete these 3 steps ASAP in order to secure your registration this fall:

  1. Register each child through our Online Registration Form by September 13th.

  2. For all registered, please complete our Instrument Sizing Form by September 13th.

  3. For all registered, please complete our Lesson Scheduling Form by September 14th.

Please bear with us as we cannot consolidate the forms at this time. Now serving all youth across Greater Boston: Please share our fall virtual offerings with any families that would be interested. 

Two options include: 

  1. Three, morning small-group classes + one 30 min private lesson, OR 

  2. One, hour-long weekly private lessons (or two 30-minute weekly lessons) Small group classes will be organized based on age and ability, with future opportunities to connect students across the state virtually this fall ----------- Answers to many of your questions: I have not received any email from Boston Music Project/JQOP. Please make sure you have completed our Online Registration form for Fall 2020. Please check your email spam folder, as we are learning some emails have gone to spam. We have sent multiple emails using information on file from last year to keep families up to date on our summer events and plans for the fall. When will we return to in-person instruction? In an effort to reduce contact tracing with COVID, all BPS Partner programs are not allowed in any BPS building until further notice. Some of you have asked about in-person music instructions. We are waiting for an update from BPS. Until then, we have created small virtual class sizes (10:1) to make for a more positive and engaging learning environment online. Why are you offering only virtual music instruction? The health and well-being of our entire music community has continued to remain top of mind as we continue to plan for the fall. For the safety of your children, families, and our team, we are planning to be fully remote for the first semester. We will be following the latest news and recommendation from the CDC and city of Boston regarding a plan for the second semester. The focus for BMP since March 18th has been developing ways to support remote learning at home - both to provide enrichment for your children and a few hours during the week for parents to take care of their needs, knowing your children are being taken part through our program. We will continue to evaluate our communities most important needs as we navigate this fall together. When can we schedule private lessons? Please select times before or after your child's school day. Can I select my child's private lesson teacher? We will do our best to match your child with your desired music teacher. All of our teaching artists have the tools, training, support, and knowledge to deliver high-quality music instruction to your children. ----------- Thank you all for your patience and understanding while we all work together to support you and your children through music. Best, Christopher Schroeder Executive Director Boston Music Project Formerly Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program ----------------------- 早上好,BMP家庭。  我們的團隊一直在努力改善在線學習習慣,重點是探索新的創作習慣,以使您的孩子對今年秋天的音樂創作充滿信心和興奮。我們準備在本週開始虛擬編程。 

  • BMP學生將於9月15日,16日和17日上午8點至上午9點在各自的樂隊中參加虛擬音樂課。詳細信息和縮放鏈接將在星期一發送。 

  • 私人授課將於9月21日這一周開始。


現在為大波士頓地區的所有青年服務:  請與任何有興趣的家庭分享我們的秋季虛擬產品。   兩種選擇包括:

  1. 三節上午小班授課+一堂30分鐘的私人課程,

  2. 或一堂每週一小時的私人課程(或兩節每週30分鐘的每週課程) 小組課程將根據年齡和能力來組織,今年秋天幾乎有機會與全州的學生建立聯繫

----------  回答許多問題: 

我還沒有收到來自Boston Music Project / JQOP的電子郵件。 請確保您已完成2020年秋季的在線註冊表格。 請檢查您的電子郵件垃圾郵件文件夾,因為我們正在了解一些電子郵件已成為垃圾郵件。 我們使用去年的存檔信息發送了多封電子郵件,以使家人了解我們的夏季活動和秋季計劃。  我們什麼時候返回親自指導? 為了減少使用COVID進行聯繫人跟踪,在沒有另行通知之前,不允許在任何BPS建築物中使用所有BPS合作夥伴計劃。你們中的一些人詢問了親自聽音樂的指示。我們正在等待BPS的更新。在此之前,我們創建了較小的虛擬班級規模(10:1),以提供一個更積極,更有吸引力的在線學習環境。  為什麼只提供虛擬音樂教學?  當我們繼續計劃秋季計劃時,我們整個音樂社區的健康和福祉仍然是首要考慮因素。為了您的孩子,家人和我們團隊的安全,我們計劃在第一學期完全偏遠。我們將關注CDC和波士頓市關於第二學期計劃的最新消息和建議。 自3月18日以來,BMP一直致力於開發在家中支持遠程學習的方法-既為您的孩子提供了豐富的知識,又為父母在一周中的幾個小時內照顧他們的需求提供了便利,因為您知道孩子正在通過我們的參與程序。我們將在今年秋天一起瀏覽時繼續評估社區最重要的需求。  我們什麼時候可以安排私人課程?  請選擇您孩子上學日之前或之後的時間。  我可以選擇孩子的私人授課老師嗎?  我們將盡力使您的孩子與您想要的音樂老師相匹配。我們所有的教學藝術家都擁有工具,培訓,支持和知識,可以為您的孩子提供高質量的音樂教學。  -----------  感謝大家的耐心配合和諒解,我們共同努力通過音樂為您和您的孩子提供支持。  最好, Christopher Schroeder Executive Director Boston Music Project Formerly Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program

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